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An attached garage isn't the best solution for everyone, but there are several reasons why it may be a good choice for you. Attached garages may be attached directly to a home by using the existing end wall of the home, or by adding a connecting walkway or even an overhang.  By using the existing end wall of your home you will save money on construction.

Adding a attached garage living in New England and dealing with the rainy and snowy climate means no more walking through rain, snow or cold to get to your car.  It provides a convenient space and easy access for storage of items such as chairs, food, toys, and sporting equipment that you may use frequently.  You can now get in and out of your car in the safety of your garage and then enter your house from a protected space.

How much does a detached garage cost?

Although the total cost may vary greatly, building a garage detached from the house generally costs at least $48 per square foot. For example, a single garage 12 feet wide by 24 feet long (3.7 m x 7.3 m) costs approximately $13,800. In the case of a double garage 18 ft. by 24 ft. (5.5 m x 7.3 m), the cost is about $20,500. Keep in mind that these prices are approximate and include labour costs.

The price of $48 per square foot ($480 per square metre) applies for a garage built with standard materials. If you elect to use high quality materials, the price will increase to about $55 per square foot ($538 per square metre).

It is important to note that the above-mentioned amounts only include the construction of the building itself. The costs of connecting the garage to the sewers or paving the driveway, for instance, are extra expenses that must be considered when establishing a budget for this type of project.

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The exterior finish chosen for the garage also creates a considerable fluctuation in costs. A garage featuring the same type of roof as the house or comparable architectural details will necessarily prove to be more expensive. Similarly, a garage with the façade or even all four walls made of brick will be a lot more costly that a model covered with vinyl siding.  

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